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Stunning Views Accompany Every Adventure From ATV to Zip Lining

An adventure awaits you in Baja California when you stay at our renowned beach resort where you'll find a variety of indulgent amenities, luxurious perks, fine dining and a picturesque beach.The Resort at Pedregal offers easy access to numerous Cabo San Lucas activities in the great outdoors, whether your interests lie on the sea (whale watching, snorkeling, surfing) or the land (zip lines, golf, horseback riding). Review activities nearby, all easily accessible from the best resort in Cabo San Lucas.


Activities with Dolphins

Dolphin Kids

This program is designed specifically for young kids aged 4 to 9, so they can interact and get closer to dolphins than they ever dreamed possible!

Dolphin Swim

The Dolphin Swim offers the smallest group size available anywhere to swim with dolphins. You're ensured the best possible opportunity to develop a close personal bond with your dolphin.

Dolphin Experience

Interact with your dolphin from the shallow-water platform, touching, feeding and playing. Enjoy a belly ride with your dolphin and feel the amazing power of these gentle and personable animals. This is a great program for the whole family.

Dolphin Encounter

Learn all about the world of the Pacific Bottlenose dolphin from the best possible teachers - the dolphins themselves. This program is an ideal introduction to the anatomy, physiology and history of the ocean's most inspiring mammals.

Trainer for a Day

This is a life changing experience! If you love dolphins, or have ever thought about being a dolphin trainer, the adventure of a lifetime awaits you in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico as you spend an exciting day working beside our dolphin trainers.


Since John Wayne started coming over to Los Cabos as his personal fishing spot, every year thousands of people come down to spend some time on the ocean. The big variety of fish and some of the world's most famous tournaments have made Los Cabos a favorite spot for this sport. Your Personal Concierge can help you find the best option for you.


Parasailing takes place in the Cabo San Lucas bay. Enjoy an exhilarating ride that allows you to see the beauty of Cabo from the air.


Are you ready to try the coolest and most exciting adventure water sport? Want to experience what is like to fly out of the water like Ironman? It is the perfect tour for families with teens or anyone looking for a new adventure. Once you fly, you will be hooked!

Scuba Diving

Join the fish and natural wildlife under the sea by scuba diving. There are a few places for diving in Los Cabos area; Cabo Pulmo is one of the most popular. The large variety of sea life characterizes the area as one of the most outstanding in the world. A diving certificate must be shown to engage in this activity.


While you explore the stunning Sea of Cortez, we will show you local spots such as El Arco, Lovers Beach, and the sea lion colony. Quite a few spots are popular for this activity in Los Cabos. The sea life is very rich in Baja and you don't need to go too far to enjoy it.


Soar on the cresting waves and hang ten. Surfing is very popular in Cabo San Lucas, especially on the Pacific side. There are quite a few spots not too far from Cabo San Lucas, where even professional surfers can be found.

Whale Watching

Each winter, Gray Whales, Blue Whales and Humpback Whales migrate over 6,000 miles south from their arctic feeding grounds to breed and rear their young in Baja California's sheltered lagoons. After their long journey from Alaska, the whales arrive in the shallow and warm waters of Baja California Peninsula. The lagoons of the Baja California peninsula become sanctuaries for the whales. This is where you can see them mating, nursing and playing with their young calves. In Baja, you can see these amazing and wonderful creatures, up-close and in large numbers. Whales enjoy tactile stimulation and their curious calves often come up to the boats to be petted. Get very close to the whales while enjoying a tour or view the whales right from our restaurant. December to April.


ATV Tours

Enjoy breathtaking desert scenery of mountains, canyons and desert wildlife as you race along on ATVs. These guided ATV tours are perfect for entertaining kids and adults alike.

Horseback Riding

Cabo San Lucas has some of the most beautiful sites from the ocean and the mountains. Horses are an ecological way of visiting the areas and making direct contact with nature. Tours will take you to the beach, the mountains and the canyons.


Start your off-Road day in Cabo San Lucas by driving a RZR over the sand dunes and river beds right in front of the Pacific Ocean. A RZR does everything an ATV or a dune Buggy can do and MUCH MORE. Twice the horsepower, 4-wheel drive and long-travel suspension make a RZRs able to navigate through terrain and scenic landscapes unseen by any 2-wheel-drive buggy.

Ultralight Glider

See Los Cabos from the sky, enjoy the Cabo San Lucas air on your face and feel like a bird all the while. Tours leave from Cabo San Lucas airport.

Zip Lining and Bungee

If your preferred way to enjoy the Baja desert is by getting close to it and flying through its vast canyons then Zip Lining and Bungee are the best way to accomplish this. Both are among the most popular activities for families. Soar through the air and experience the thrilling rush of flying. Cliffs are connected by zip lines and bungee cords where you can appreciate the beauty of the desert flora and fauna. There are a few locations where you can enjoy this activity.


Discover the great attractions of Los Cabos. Experience the great places and towns of the southern Baja, including the hideaway villages of Los Cabos. Some of the tours combine sea and land attractions along with some free time for shopping.

Enjoy and explore:

Los Cabos area: land sightseeing tour that takes you to Land's End area, which includes a visit to the famous Arch, the Sea Lion's Colony, The Lover's Beach and other hot spots by the Cabo San Lucas bay.

Todos Santos “Pueblo Magico”: There are many beautiful and well known places but none of them have such a mystery involved by just hearing its words name, as the town of Todos Santos or "Todos Los Santos". Todos Santos host many painting artists among other kinds and also host many art galleries, art & crafts shops and jewelries. This colorful town is always in a relaxed state, inviting you to join its exquisite calmness.

San Jose: San Jose Del Cabo is also known as a quiet town of Los Cabos, full of galleries and the charming Historical downtown.

Hideaway villages: You'll get to know the way of living and the customs of the real natives of the area. Enjoy and explore the Different villages located near San Jose del Cabo and at the East Cape area including Miraflores, Santiago, Buena Vista and Los Barriles.

La Paz: Main City of Baja and many attractions to visit as El Malecon, beautiful beaches, the mission and museum. Passing by San Bartolo’s mining town: El Truinfo and San Antonio located on the lower part of Sierra Mountains.

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