Celebrate Dia de los Muertos

Specialty Cocktails, Dinner Parties and More

Idyllic and exclusive, The Resort at Pedregal is more than an ultimate escape to Cabo San Lucas – it’s also steeped in tradition. And while many understand Dia de Muertos to be Mexico’s version of Halloween, there’s more to the storied day than most travelers know.

A combination of an ancient Aztec harvest celebration and the Catholic influence of Spanish explorers, Dia de Muertos is a day to remember and celebrate the spirits of those who have departed. Adults and children alike leave food and small gifts for the spirits of their loved ones, and participate in live music, dancing and parades that celebrate life instead of mourning death.

Join us this fall at The Resort at Pedregal for an authentic celebration including popular calacas and calaveras (skeletons and skills) imagery, specialty cocktails and dinner parties that draw inspiration from Mexican folklore, and a Mexican Tianguis flee market at Don Manuel’s restaurant with unique food, wine and spirits.