Indulge in Fresh Seafood at a Premier Cabo San Lucas Restaurant

Crudo at the Resort at Pedregal

Dine on fresh Cabo San Lucas seafood at Crudo, inviting you to explore the sea in a whole new capacity with flavorful plates reminiscent of days at the beach and underwater adventures. Famous for our fresh sushi rolls, ceviche, and other small bites, Crudo is a casual seafood restaurant located at the center of the pool bar. Gaze out over the Pacific Ocean while indulging in a quick afternoon snack such as a sushi roll, a light evening meal or cocktail.

The word ’crudo’ is Spanish for ‘raw’ and refers to the innovative and refreshing method of slicing fish thinly, then drizzling it with oil and seasonings. Integrating fresh, local seafood in Cabo San Lucas, Crudo offers ceviche, a selection of sashimi style dishes and Mexican inspired sushi rolls.

Crudo is open from 11am until 9pm daily. Menu items include Crudo Rolls consisting of asparagus, avocado, cucumber and sashimi and a tantalizing Surf and Turf Roll. The lunch menu is available from 11am until 6pm.

"Sunset Taste" is now available from 6pm until 9pm

Experience paradise on your palate with a new dining experience at The Resort at Pedregal. Indulge in a selection from the Sunset Taste menu, featuring small-plates tasting dishes complemented by an artisanal cocktail menu, curated by our resident mixologist. 

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