Indulge in Innovative Los Cabos Seafood

Crudo at The Resort at Pedregal

Enjoy the best Los Cabos seafood with an unparalleled view of the sea at Crudo. Located at the center of the pool bar at The Resort at Pedregal, Crudo places you at eye-level with the surface of a glistening infinity pool that seems to flow into the horizon of the Pacific Ocean. Crudo is perfect for a quick afternoon snack, a light evening meal, or a cocktail.

Crudo is a Spanish word that means raw and refers to the innovative and refreshing method of preparing fish in thin slices drizzled with oil and seasonings. From ceviche to sashimi-style dishes and sushi rolls, every dish incorporates the local flavors and traditions of Mexico.

Our Cabo San Lucas seafood restaurant and bar is open from 11 AM until 9 PM daily. No reservations are needed, making Crudo the perfect spot for a laid-back afternoon snack or dinner. Lunch is served from 11 AM until 6 PM.

Sunset Taste

After 6 PM, Crudo offers a Sunset Taste menu to surprise and delight your palate. Indulge in a selection featuring small-plates and tasting dishes complemented by an artisanal cocktail menu curated by our in-house mixologists.

Crudo Menu

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