Holidays in Cabo San Lucas

Thank you for joining us in paradise

Thank you for choosing to spend your holiday at The Resort at Pedregal.  It was a pleasure to have you here with us and on behalf of the entire staff we would like to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy 2017. We hope you enjoyed our festivities –from five-course tasting menus to circus-inspired acrobatic performances to carefully curated cigar-and-spirit sessions – and we look forward to delighting you, your family and friends during this year’s Festive Holiday Season! We hope you enjoy reliving the memorable festivities in our new video. 

Before we open up availability for the 2017 holiday season, we would like to provide you, our very valued guest, with the opportunity to book your desired accommodations in advance for next holiday season. 

If you would like to reserve the same or alternative accommodations for next year, please call (844) 773-7342.

We value our partnership with the travel community, therefore, if you have used a travel professional to arrange your booking this year, we are happy to work directly with your preferred travel partner to arrange reservations for the coming year.

Thank you once again for choosing to stay with us at The Resort at Pedregal. We look forward to welcoming you back once again during the holidays, if not sooner.

Best Regards,

General Manager